Class Of 2022

Anabel "Scout" Bach

Scout is a senior at Cleveland School of the Arts. They are the creator of Concrete Kids Online, a local art magazine filled with their digital art that highlights Cleveland youth culture. They host local art shows where artists can come together and create. Scout has been published in The Lorikeet, Vindicator, and CSA’s annual poetry anthology. They have been awarded both silver and gold in the Scholastics Art and Writing competition. In addition, Scout has performed for Ryan Lawson and Tina Knowles at I Got the Mic. Scout also has passions surrounding fashion and music which led to a Summer studying at the New York Times, focusing on using sustainable materials to create the future of fashion, as well as producing music. They released 2 EP’s called “Scout-Core” and “MEGABYTE” early in 2022.

Dani Desert

Dani is a senior creative writer whose main genre is poetry. Creating pieces has inspired her love of words, their different meanings and the power a single one can hold. As her love of writing grew, so did her vocabulary. Each word in her pieces are specifically picked to give a vivid picture of emotion. Dani uses writing as an emotional outlet as well as a form of expression and hopes to publish another book in the future.

Clark Helm

Clark is a senior creative writer at Cleveland School of The Arts. He is inspired by music, art, fashion, and left-wing philosophy, but most of all music. Poetry is his main forte but he dabbles in story writing, clothing design, and beatmaking. His interest in Cleveland’s underground scene as well as different subcultures from all over the world help expand his creative criteria.

Valentino Hobbs

Valentino is a senior creative mind who was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. Valentino strongly pursues his writing as a tool to help navigate his creative mind, exploring across any piece of paper or all technology. From poetry, short stories, scriptwriting, novels and songwriting his writing versatility is endless. He also produces music across all genres from R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM, and more. With the creative ideas he has in head he will also use it for upcoming films and monologs.

Ryan Lawson

Ryan Lawson is the author of “Little Boy Blue” and “In My Elements” both of which are available online for purchase. He's currently working on a novel, his biggest project yet. Ryan enjoys the art of storytelling so he focuses on short stories and some poetry that focus on human nature and science fiction.

Sam Maistros

Sam is a senior at Cleveland School of the Arts and is writer in every sense of the word. Every sense of the word meaning he loves to write in so many different formats and genres he has trouble getting most anything done. Yet somehow, even in front of all those hurdles, he still managed to publish a play called Take it or Leave it in his freshman year. Since then he has had pieces in every creative writing anthology during his time at CSA and will publish his second book Obituary in spring of 2022, a book of his pieces of poetry that shares a look into his psyche through the use of fancy words. If you want to see more from him follow @samwritesshit04 on instagram to see his work and to see when books like Obituary come out in the near future. Even if you don’t do that he hopes you enjoy this book and have a nice day

Deonta "Hymn Kier" Steele

Hymn Kier is a senior creative writer at Cleveland School of the Arts. When he began writing he was simply a poet and now he has added fashion, music, and film to his arsenal. Hymn Kier has recently started performing at local shows right here in Cleveland. You can find his EP “And So It Begins…” on SoundCloud. Hymn just recently finished an internship at the Cleveland Museum of Art helping the museum to curate the “Laura Owens: Rerun” show and the “Ascension, Depression, Progression” show. Hymn Kier is keen on building his platform to help support others –  determined to become a megaphone for the stories untold; the voices unheard. You can follow Hymn’s journey on Instagram @hymnkier.