Caroline is a junior at Cleveland School of the Arts. She prefers to write poetry as a form of self-expression and uses it as a tool to explore her innermost feelings. Her writing primarily centers on people, places, or events that have impacted her the most, and the lessons she has learned through them. 


Aliyah is a student that attends Cleveland School of the Arts. She majors in creative writing and is in a year-long music program with Diana Chittester under an Ohio Arts Council grant that she does as a part of her major. She has been writing music since middle school and will be publishing music this year of 2022. Very creative and passionate about her career when it comes to music and life choices, she has already been interviewed for being a part of the music program and she will be featured on on the Cleveland Metro Schools news this spring. 


Ti-Quetta Smith is a Junior at the Cleveland School of the Arts. She has  written plenty of songs and short stories out of boredom in her early childhood, but as she matured, so took her writing more serious. Poetry soon became much more important to her, and is now how she expresses herself.




My name is Miracle and I am currently a junior in the creative writing department. I've been writing since I was 5 years old. Writing has inspired me and changed my life in so many ways. My writing is inspired mostly by pain and love experiences.


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