Alionna Anderson

Ali Anderson is a sophomore of Cleveland School of the arts, they have continued on with writing and have grown as a writer. In the past year, they’ve worked on scripts, songwriting, poems, and more journaling. Lately, they have been more focused on personal expression in their writings at times.

Amariyah Bond

Nic is a sophomore at Cleveland School Of The Arts, and majors in creative writing. Considering herself mostly a poet, Nic thrives off of the creativity that she has with expressing words and emotions through forms of literature. Nic began writing poems in the sixth grade about her middle school experiences and her passion grew overtime, and it later became her coping mechanism.

Jewelynn Casson

Jewels is a sophomore at Cleveland School Of The Arts. She majors in creative writing. She calls herself mostly a poet ans story writer. Jewel has been writing since the very early age of 3. Jewel has always found comfort in writing, Its a way for her to express herself and even things that go on in her life. Writing has always been jewels go to.

Lily Compton

Lily is a poet/short story writer who has been published in 4 books, two being by Lake Erie Ink. She often finds herself stuck in a painful state of liberosis and as a result reflects her anguish onto her characters giving her readers a bit of insight into her mental chamber and what goes on there. In her writing she hopes to create a cryptic space where the reader can disappear from the outside world and become someone else.

Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith is a growing writer who is interested in all types of writing such as short stories, poetry, horror, blackout poetry, etc. He currently attends The Cleveland School Of The Arts as a Sophomore, and mainly considers himself as a ‘horror fanatic’ who gets inspired by horror novels/games and puts his own twist to the ideas he gets from them. This is going to be his second year getting published by the Creative Writing department, he hopes to finish his upcoming horror novel “Devil Town” and to focus more on illustrating/animating for his work.

SirTahj Thomas

Sir’ Tahj is a Sophomore attending Cleveland School of the Arts for Writing. Sir’Tahj Also Produces and is Considered to be a songwriter.  He Has Written Over 350 songs,for himself and others. Sir’Tahj plan on publishing a book something during 2022.