Mariyah Hill

Mariyah is a freshman at CSA.  She started off as a young actress but then shifted into poetry and short stories. She was mostly into short story writing but now she is more into love poetry. Her writing is very important to her and it expresses how she feels. She is currently working on a flash book of poetry and novels. She plans to release a book by the end of 2022.

Hillary Martinez

Michelle is a freshman at the Cleveland School of the Arts and considers herself a poet. They use poetry as an outlet to express her feelings in a way they aren’t usually able to. So far, Michelle has won a silver key and an honorable mention from the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition for two of her works.

Azjah Prince

When she started writing she was in the 6th grade and has been since. She writes short stories and hopes to learn to write poems. She wants to achieve publishing a book as she gets older. She also wants to run a writers class in the future to help smaller kids who also want to be writers. So when she found out she got into Cleveland school of the arts she couldn't have gotten better news.

Erica Ruffin

Erica is a prose writer in the 9th grade at Cleveland School of the Arts. At first she wasn’t a writer, she was a reader. She won an award in the 3rd grade for being a bookworm and that was her start. She began writing in the 4th grade in the genre of a rom-com for fun but then she knew that this is what she wanted to be. When she began to get deeper and deeper in writing she noticed that writing was a part of her. Family and friends around her encouraged her to strengthen her writing by applying to Cleveland School of the Arts. When she got in she knew that this was only the beginning.  Currently, she is working on a new story that focuses on infidelity, sexuality, and finding your inner voice that she plans to release some time in the future.

Arianna Ruiz

Arianna Ruiz is a Freshman at Cleveland School of The Arts. Her first experience with writing was in fourth grade where she participated in a story writing contest where she won the “Best Written” award. After that Arianna began writing short stories within the Sci-Fi genre to help cope with her home life, and self identity.Than eighth grade rolled around and she had no clue which high school she was going to go to but for as long as she could remember she had always dreamed of going to an arts school. So she eventually got into Cleveland School Of The Arts. She’s currently deciding on whether she wants to work on a horror novel.

Leah Walton

Leah Walton, a ninth grade scholar attending Cleveland School of the Arts. Leah began writing short stories and plays in Kindergarten and could be seen carrying around a small notebook at all times.